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Who are we

ADEEM is a highly caliber & professional entity that specializes in Architectural and Urban sustainable- appropriate designs. We believe that the construction process within our local communities is not just an industrial matter that is subjected to physical standards in terms of quality, profit and loss. Rather, we think of it as a truly expression of the so called: "The genius of the place ". It is an embodiment of a human society life moment. That moment may remain for decades to reveal its secrets for coming generations. In our beliefs, "Architecture" is a message we carry carefully and keenly rather than a mission or a job. We do exert the at-most time and effort to participate in the creation of a high-value built environment that genuinely reflects the special features of our contemporary communities.

Scope of work

1. Planning:
1-1- Urban planning.

2. Design:
2-1- Architecture design.
2-2- Interior design.
2-3- Landscape design.

3. Engineering service:
3-1- Structure engineering.
3-2- Civil engineering.
3-3- Electromechanical engineering.
3-4- Systems engineering.
3-5- Making tender document packages.
3-6- Conducting researches on developing and applying earth construction and appropriate techniques.

4. Management services:
4-1- Project management.
4-2- In-site owner representation.
4-3- Controlling project product.
4-4- Making and moderating time schedules.
4-5- Evaluating tender documents.


Mohamed Al-Rafei

Founder of ADEEM consultants & General manager.

Mohamed Al-Rafei is the founder of ADEEM consultants and the general manager. His portfolio of work spans across all scales and includes architectural design projects, urban design & community development projects, interior designs and conducting researches on developing and applying earth construction and appropriate techniques.

Al-Rafei holds a bachelor of architecture from Architectural Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in addition to MSc., in Environmental Planning & Design from Architectural Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.


Tamer S.Hamza

Projects manager

Mohamed Rajab

Projects manager

Mohamed Samy

Sites manager

Wael Zaki

Senior architect

Hazem Mahani

Senior architect

Hoda Ibrahim


Hesham M.Gamal