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Welcome to ADEEM Consultants, a passionate team of Egyptian architects dedicated to redefining the landscape of architectural and urban design through sustainable and community-centric practices. Established in 1997 by Mohamed Al-Rafei, ADEEM Consultants has emerged as a leading force in the field, driven by a profound commitment to excellence and innovation.

ADEEM was established in Egypt in 1997 as the first and only professional entity that specialized in compressed earth blocks technology and its applications within the Middle East. It was first established as a limited company that is carrying out all the professional works related to compressed earth blocks (CEB).

The company had a workshop, until 2002, to produce its own CEB machinery. as well as a professional office to deliver full consultation and architectural design services that are related to this building material and its construction techniques till day.

In 2002, the machinery production workshop Stopped working, but the consultation office is continuing gathering and accumulating experiences in this field so that it became one of the rare highly qualified and specialized consultation entities not only in Egypt but also within the whole Arab world.

We have defined ow goals and what we want to possess of knowledge and experience and decided to base our professional practice on the following four main pillars:
1- To have sufficient knowledge of the science of building materials that we intend to use.
2- To have real experience in the construction systems through which these materials can be employed.
3- To have the ability to design ecological systems that employ natural energies using these materials.
4- To excel in blending all the above into architectural designs that can remain as a legacy for future generations.

ADEEM believes that the construction process within our local communities is not just an industrial matter that is subjected to physical standards in terms of quality, profit, and loss. Rather, we think of it as a true expression of the so-called: “Genius of the place”. It is an embodiment of a human society’s life moment. That moment may remain for decades to reveal its secrets for coming generations, in our beliefs, “Architecture” is a message we can say carefully and keenly rather than a mission or a job. We do exert the at-most time and effort to participate in the creation of a high-value built environment that genuinely reflects the special features of our contemporary communities.

In Adeem, we look at architecture in a holistic way that includes building materials, construction techniques, and associated architectural designs in an integrated manner, and we try to preserve it as a civilized human activity.

We believe that the photographed image can preserve a two-dimension-al snapshot, and the video can add movement and sound to it, but only the building can. above this and that, preserve a complete image of life itself and transmit it in messages received by generations.

Through our deep understanding of the nature of the building material, as we explained in the previous pages, and the possibilities offered by the construction system, which we were able to acquire all the skills and experiences related to it, we have the ability to produce a real architecture linked to the reality which can remain for successive generations as a distinct cultural heritage.

ADEEM has a deep understanding of the natural environmental features in general and in our Arab countries’ region in particular, in addition to our scientific experience regarding all the physical properties of local building materials and the thermal performance of each of them in terms of the insulation, thermal conductivity. Thermal capacity, etc.

All these experiences were able to develop our designs that fully utilize natural energies in providing thermal comfort inside buildings, saving energy consumption, making buildings environmentally friendly, and achieving the principles of sustainability.

We don’t accept any superficial results, but we study our designs in depth and in detail and even conduct real feasibility studies to identify the impact of those designs on costs in the short, medium, and long term.


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We meet new people everyday coming with new dreams & hope. Our effort is to make them true.

Arch. Mohamed Al-Rafei

Founder and Principal Architect

Mohamed Al-Rafei is the founder of ADEEM consultants and principal architect . His portfolio of work spans across all scales and includes architectural design projects, urban design & community development projects, interior designs and conducting researches on developing and applying earth construction and appropriate techniques.

Al-Rafei holds a bachelor of architecture from Architectural Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in addition to MSc., in Environmental Planning & Design from Architectural Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

"An architect who believes that architecture is a message rather than a mission."

Adeem Consultants is a full-service design studio providing architectural consultations.

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